Elote Street Corndog

The ideal combination of Mexican flavors add a new dimension to this all-American favorite.


Uncured Beef Hot Dog

Elote aioli, cotija cheese, avocado, lime wedge






Corn Dogs:

1 Pack Four Star Artisan All Beef Hot Dogs

¾ C. All Purpose Flour

¾ C. Yellow Cornmeal

1 ½ tsp. Baking Powder

¾ tsp. Kosher Salt

¾ C. Buttermilk

2 Ea. Large Eggs

Vegetable Oil for Frying


½ C. Elote Aioli (See Recipe Below)

2 Ears Yellow Sweet Corn

1 Ea. Jalapeno Pepper, Thinly Sliced

1 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

¼ tsp. Salt

¼ tsp. Black Pepper

½ C. Crumbled Cotija Cheese

¼ C. Cilantro Leaves

1 Ea. Lime, Cut in Wedges

Elote Aioli:

¼ C. Mayonnaise

¼ C. Sour Cream

1 Tbsp. Paprika

½ tsp. Cayenne

1 Tbsp. Puréed Chipotle Peppers


Skewer hot dogs with tiny popsicle sticks and set aside.

Heat vegetable oil in large pot over medium low heat to 350°F.

In large bowl, whisk flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder and salt. Pour in buttermilk and lightly beaten eggs mixing until evenly combined and smooth. Pour into tall drinking glass and let stand for 15 minutes.

Remove corn from cob and place on baking sheet. Toss with one tablespoon of olive oil and salt. Place under a hot broiler and cook until charred, about four to five minutes. Remove and let cool.   

In a bowl whisk together mayonnaise, sour cream, paprika, cayenne and puréed chipotle peppers. Season with salt and pepper.

Dip skewered hot dogs into glass filled with the corn batter, lifting and dunking to evenly coat.

Carefully place corn dogs in preheated oil. Cook two at a time so as to not overcrowd the pan. Fry until golden brown on all sides, continually turning for approximately three to five minutes.  

Place corn dogs on a baking sheet in a 250°F oven to keep warm. Drizzle chipotle mayo mixture over the warmed corn dogs.

Sprinkle with corn, cheese, sliced jalapeno pepper and paprika. Serve immediately and enjoy.  

Chef Tip: Lay cooked corn dogs on a rack to drain and
retain crispness.